Christine McLean is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Ontario, Canada. She holds degrees from Bishop's University and OCAD University. She is motivated by the increasing disconnect within our relationships as a result of ever-present digital identities. Her work explores this through dissecting the unseen moments surrounding everyday life events. The emphasis of her concepts is strongly weighted in the process of making objects and the resulting interaction that takes place with the viewer. 

McLean was the recipient of the Dr. Sydney Medine Scholarship, the Bishop's Foundation Second and Third Year Scholarship, the Bishop's University Prize of Fine Arts and the OCAD Photography Faculty and Friends Scholarship. She has organized exhibitions for Bishop’s and OCAD University graduating students. Her work has been exhibited in Toronto and Peterborough, ON, and Sherbrooke, QC and published in the Royal Ontario Museum's Every Object Has a Story and Scotiabank's You're Richer Than You Think advertising campaign. 

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